Welcome on Further Stories, the blog of free and light adventure.
"Free" because we generally prepare and organize our adventures by ourselves, like grown-ups. We never leave following a flag but on the contrary leaving all the possible place to the surprise and the discovery.

You won't find on this blog stories about weekends where tourist offices send us to test all the activities in the area with a guide or a group. You won't find articles about city trips with the best hotel addresses. We like to be independent and above all, we like to learn. Learning to create our own itineraries, learning to climb our first 4000 meters alone and safely, learning to build a raft and to go down a river...

"Light" because we are convinced that it is synonymous with health and freedom. By lightening the weight of our bags, we leave more room for adventure and discovery.

We believe that our time in nature has a lower impact on the environment than our time in the city. We believe that loving nature teaches you to respect it. That's why we are proud to pass on our passion for the outdoor world.
Feb. 4, 2018

THE REAL SWITCH from the office/STUDIO to the OUTDOORS


If you had to define Further Stories in one sentence?
Further Stories is the blog of free and light adventure.
Between 2018 and 2020, we crossed Europe on foot from Portugal to Turkey. 10 000 km by the high route, the one of the mountains. Beyond the performance, this project, turned towards the other and deeply rooted in an idea of greener and more responsible travel, was designed to federate and inspire. The project has received the High Patronage of the European Parliament for its cultural and human dimensions.
What is your next project?
Two projects have kept us so busy this year that we haven't been able to put our noses out of joint.
The creation of the blog has been a big part of the process. There are a few months of work behind this beautiful baby and making it live is also a job that keeps us busy.
All this is almost comparable to the energy it took us to release our book! On September 14, 2022 the book Deux Pas Vers l'Autre, 10000 km on foot to tell the story of Europe was released. An adventure story of our crossing of Europe and illustrated by our photos.
For the moment, the promotion of the book keeps us busy and we don't have any big travel project but the call of the outside world is never far away and we should manage to do some nice things before the end of the year!
Who is behind this blog?
The four main hands that work to make this space alive are those of Marie and Nil. We imagined this hiking and outdoor blog, designed and developed it ourselves and we make it live day after day.
From the end of September, we welcome other contributors who write articles on particular subjects, their projects or with whom we have shared an adventure.
What is your background?
We both have quite different backgrounds which, at some point, crossed.

NIL - I grew up in Paris, my studies oriented me towards graphic arts. When I was just 20 years old, I was spotted in the street and I started a career as a model which, for 6 years, led me to travel a lot and to live abroad. It was in Hong-Kong that I really discovered hiking, which will become more and more important in my life over the years.
From there, I turned to photography in the fashion and portrait sector. I had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned magazines such as L'Officiel, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and many others. In 2016, in Morocco, during a shoot, an assault almost cost me my life. It opened my eyes to the importance of seizing my destiny and the time given to me. This episode pushed me to ask myself important questions about my life, our future and living together. It is the starting point of many adventures, of the project Deux Pas Vers L'Autre and of Further Stories.

MARIE - I was born in Paris. A great traveler since my teenage years, I first discovered Europe, then Africa and Latin America. Progressively, longer and longer treks have been part of my travels.
I have always been sensitive to others and to relationships between people. After having hesitated to become a psychologist, I finally started studying sociology before turning to human resources. For 7 years, I held various positions with an international dimension in a large industrial group.
In January 2017, I decided to start a life that was more like me, to devote my time and energy to something that really mattered to me. Quickly, with Nil, we imagined the Deux Pas Vers l'Autre adventure, which we saw as the beginning of a new chapter, more than a parenthesis.

How was Further Stories born?
This hiking blog was born as the logical continuation of the adventure Deux pas Vers l'Autre. Back in France, far from being quenched, our thirst for adventure was still present, as was our desire to share.
In English, further means farther, deeper. Because yes, we try to push the adventure further, to live the encounters more intensely and to go deeper into the territories we discover.
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